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Maureen Lykins

Staff Accountant


  • Over 25 years working in accounting and bookkeeping

Maureen is one of our staff accountants here at Aurora. She is originally from New York and moved to California in her early 20’s. She moved to San Diego and spent about 19 years in southern California. While in California, she got married to her awesome husband and had her daughter. While she loved living in California, she relocated to North Carolina where she now lives.


Maureen is an accomplished bookkeeper and has been an accountant for over 25 years. Her experience is extensive. She has worked with banks, manufacturing facilities, moving companies, and also in medical lab management. She is very dedicated to having an extreme eye for detail and has a passion for “getting it right”.


In her spare time, Maureen enjoys spending time at the beach and loves to host dinners with her family and friends as often as she can.


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