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Our Mission Statement and Values

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Empower entrepreneurs by building enduring relationships through strategic tax planning, meticulous accounting, insightful advisory, and supportive coaching.


Company Philosophy and Services

We strive to create a space where entrepreneur dreams are nurtured, supported and heard. We believe in the value of managing our clients financial needs so that they can concentrate on their core areas of expertise and creativity.

Our ideal client desires a holistic support system to maintain accounting and tax compliance while achieving their financial planning goals. We work with clients who strive for integrity not only within their financial data, but also with their relationship with employees, clients, and their accounting firm. We look for clients who have high standards for delivering value to their customers, who want proactive problem solving, and a financial team to support them while they move at the speed of today's high tech world.

Aurora offers a comprehensive range of financial and advisory services with a strong commitment to ethics and technological efficiency. This approach aims to enable entrepreneurs to excel in their respective fields while entrusting their financial matters to our team, removing the typical financial woes businesses experience.

Aurora emphasizes the importance of technology in streamlining financial processes and reducing costs. Each client is provided with a tailored tech stack, created using the latest software tools. This allows our clients to focus on building relationships and managing their businesses, while Aurora Consulting Group LLC handles the financial aspects efficiently.


Our job is to communicate the data, keep you compliant, and help keep your business goals rooted in facts so you can be creative with confidence and direction.

Yosemite Green_edited.jpg
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