Sandra Koch-Bowe, EA, MBA
CEO/Owner of Aurora Consulting Group 

Sandra began her accounting and tax career in 1998 when she began working for a CPA in Salida, CO.  From there she went on to work as a managing accountant for a variety of businesses, and eventually began consulting and providing off site accounting services.  Sandra started Aurora Consulting Group in 2011.  She was licensed as an Enrolled Agent in 2014, which allows her to represent clients in tax court, and she was awarded her MBA from Fresno State in 2016.  Sandra is constantly looking for ways to expand her education and often attends conferences and seminars to stay up to date on the ever changing landscape of tax law and business regulations.  

Sandra is passionate about her family, her dogs, and her clients.  She loves to travel, usually by car.  She has accomplished road tripping feats the likes many would not even attempt, including from Visalia, CA to South Carolina (and back), and from Visalia, CA to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico (and back).

Sandra is a compassionate and experienced Accountant, Tax Preparer, and Small Business Consultant.  She is honest and her goal is for your business to save money, run smoothly, and have the foundation it needs to grow.  When it comes to tax Sandra is a thoughtful and honest tax strategist who fully believes that we should take advantage of all the opportunities Congress gives us to reduce our tax liability.  

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Mary West
Staff Accountant, Financial Advisor

Mary, Sandra's first daughter, joined Aurora in 2015 as a part time bookkeeper and tax preparer.  She quickly established herself as an integral part of the business. 


Mary received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry in 2014, and spent a year and a half working in a drug discovery lab at Vanderbilt University before deciding she didn't want to be a mad scientist after all.  Mary was raised by an accountant, I guess you could say she has it in her blood.  In 2017 Mary received a Certificate from Harvard Business School Extension for completing coursework in Economics, Financial Accounting, and Business Analytics with Honors.

Mary has also received a Certificate of National Service for volunteering with the Utah Conservation Corps in 2016.  She participated in fire abatement programs, trail building, and habitat restoration. 


Mary is passionate about her family, her cat, her fig tree, and her clients.  In her spare time she likes to read articles about the weird things Elon Musk is doing, why she isn't rich off of Bitcoin yet, and how to make home made sourdough bread.

In late 2017 Mary was introduced to the fantastic financial planning and wealth management team at CONA Wealth.    She was always interested in pursuing a career in finance or economics, but had too much fun in her chemistry classes in college to switch majors.  Well, that all changed and so Mary is now expanded services to our clients including financial planning, investment advising, and wealth management.  Mary is licensed with the SEC as a registered investment advisor and also holds a CA Life Insurance License.  #.  She is excited to be able to help clients make the right decisions with their money so that they can spend their lives doing what matters to them.

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