Micah Henderson

Micah is our intern here at Aurora. His background is in social media, website design, and music production. In his free time he enjoys reading, skating, and playing video games. 

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My Story

Micah is currently an intern working to support all staff members. He grew up in Tulare, CA and moved to Visalia when he was in high school. He grew up playing guitar, skating, and practicing videography and photography. He has a profound love for too many things and has way too many hobbies for his own good.


His last position was a social media and communications manager for a church in Visalia CA. His software qualifications in creating digital content include: Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, and Ableton. He is a jack of all trades. He really enjoys the ins and outs of business and is excited to learn more about it. Someday, he wants to build a few different businesses: a skate shop, a coffee shop, and also a car detailing shop.


In his free time, Micah enjoys playing music, reading nonfiction books, and spending time with his wife. He also enjoys the outdoors, such as backpacking and fishing.


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