Casey D. Hulls

Marketing Coordinator

Casey Hulls has been the Marketing Coordinator at Aurora Consulting Group for six months. Casey has designed previous websites and has an interest in advertising and small business development. Casey Hulls is a U.S. Army veteran who served four years as a Human Intelligence Collector and Indonesian Linguist. After completing her contract with the U.S. Army, she moved to Visalia, California where she started school and working in the restaurant industry. Casey is passionate about local community development and is interested in the growth and interdependence within small business communities. Casey hopes to finish her Bachelors degree in International Relations, and move on to get her J.D. in the future. While working towards her future goals, Casey is immersing herself in the development of Visalia's craft brewing culture and learning as much as she can about the management and distribution of local companies. Casey is also working with Aurora Consulting Group to learn about the growth of small companies financially and strengthen her understanding of networking. Casey hopes to grow Aurora's community involvement, develop an online presence for the company, and help in anyway she can to see out Aurora's goals as a whole. In her free time, Casey enjoys painting, writing and working out.