Andraya N. Hamilton

Staff Accountant


Andraya Hamilton currently works as a Staff Accountant here at Aurora. This position entails bookkeeping and general accounting for our clients. She focuses most days on data entry, the reconciling of accounts, reviewing profits and loss statements, and other reports as to ensure precise financial statements. Andraya also meets with clients, listens to their needs, and goals, and prepares their tax returns. Andraya graduated from California State University, Fresno, in 2020 with Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, with a concentration in accounting. In 2019, she was hired as an intern at Aurora until she was promoted to being Aurora’s full-time Staff Accountant. Andraya is a single mother of two young boys and is very passionate about her life with them. She enjoys traveling, reading, and writing. Although she works in an office, she was raised in the outdoors of the Central Valley, as the national parks were her backyard. She enjoys exploring the grand parks and around California, and lives for new experiences with her family. Andraya prides herself on her interest and motivation to learning more about her current trade and looks to only expand her knowledge in this field. She is a dedicated learner who has always balanced her work, her children, and her education tirelessly to achieve her goals. Andraya still has more goals to achieve; she plans on becoming a Certified Public Accountant in the future. She and her family are a great asset to our family here at Aurora, and our clients. Andraya is a blossoming accountant and tax preparer.